Top Five Styles of Sterling Silver Bracelets Today


Silver has been considered a precious metal since its very first use in ancient times, and silver bracelets have always been popular for adornment, for both women and men. But before I talk about the 5 most popular silver bracelet layouts, let us review what”sterling silver” is since the term is frequently misunderstood. Sterling silver, or standard silver, is an alloy of 92.5% silver with 7.5% copper. This combination is much harder than pure silver that allows for more durability with regard to jewelry. Much sterling silver jewellery is plated with a thin coat of silver to give it a shiny finish. Pure silver doesn’t tarnish, but sterling silver will not. I finish this article with a few tips about taking care of sterling silver wedding jewellery online.

Silver bracelets include varying fashions such as bangle, cuff, link, chain, and charm bracelets. Each have their own charm and their particular kinds of consumers. If you are considering giving a silver bracelet as a gift, examine these designs and their”target” audience.

Bangle bracelets: All these accessible in designs varying from smooth finishes to eclectic , patterns, and painted designs. Popularity of bangle and cuff bracelets encourage wearing a number of bracelets at the exact same time. Popular with teens and currently the Hollywood starlet scene.

Cuff bracelets: These trendy bracelets are wider than bangles and have an opening on one side to slide on the arm. Silver cuff bracelets are sometimes a tasteful gift for an older lady, but they are even more expensive that other types. Another popular, but less expensive, kind of cuff bracelet is granulated, creating a lively shimmer of light. This bracelet is currently trendy with celebrities, for example Linsay Lohan.