The Evolution of the Style and design of the Japanese Kimono

The Evolution of the Style and design of the Japanese Kimono

Let us phase into the colourful planet of the Japanese kimono robes with a short history of the evolution of its design by the ages.

What begun out as a Japanese kimono?

In the olden days, the Japanese phrase, kimono, practically interprets to ‘something to wear’ and encompass the diverse forms of clothes that were usually worn by the Japanese, but now,

The Jomon Time period Kimono:

With the hunting and collecting life style of the Japanese for the duration of the era, the common Japanese garments was mentioned to have been built of fur and was draped loosely around the system.

Yayoi Period of time Kimono:

With the introduction of rice agriculture, the Japanese kimono was explained to be a free garment with holes to set the arms by means of and which enabled their wearer to be comfy while functioning on the rice fields. The geta, or picket sandals, which are customarily paired nowadays with the everyday Japanese Yukata, was mentioned to be developed.

Kofun Period Kimono:

The 1st silk kimono was made in the course of this time and the kimono model was inspired by the Chinese and Korean robes, which have been closed to the entrance and tied at the waist devoid of buttons and had skirts or trousers, which were being typically concluded with a brightly-coloured gown.

Asuka Interval Kimono:

With the growth of the stitching procedures, the Kofun-interval jacket or kimono robe was designed for a longer period and with broader sleeves.
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Throughout this time, the courtiers’ garments have been also divided into 3 (three), i.e., formal outfits, court clothes which was copied from the Chinese courtroom costume, and uniforms.

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